CCBill Product: FlexForms

Removing the BIC field from the payment form, and derive it from the IBAN


Hi there,

I would like to submit a feature request. We are currently working on a Dutch website, and we are expecting our customers to frequently make use of the SEPA payments. You currently ask the customer to fill in their BIC code in the flex form. However, nobody in The Netherlands knows there BIC code, and nobody ever needs to use it. We feel that customers will not feel comfortable with this payment option.

We noticed that other payment processors look up the BIC themselves, when the IBAN has been provided. So there is no BIC field in the payment form, but the payment processor looks it up. Eventbrite does this for instance:


I really hope you will do the same, so that this field will be removed from the payment form for SEPA payments. I really feel that this is something beneficial for everybody, and I hope you would be able to determine the BIC based on the IBAN bank account number. This would really improve the payment process for our customers!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Posted by Jay