CCBill Product: FlexForms

"LOYALTY DISCOUNT" text on form


Hi, I would like the ability to change the "LOYALTY DISCOUNT" text on the form, it's incredibly, incredibly confusing right now.

My form says:

" $1.00(USD) Off If you remain a Loyal Member for 3 rebill(s), we'll take $1.00(USD) OFF your recurring price every 2 rebill(s). Offer limited to 4 discount(s) "

That's just terrible from a sales point of view... no normal human being is going to understand what that means. ;-) I would love to rewrite it in better English, and without all the "(s)" business, and with better currency display (like "US$1" instead of the ugly "$1.00(USD)" stuff?), and without the random capitalization.

In general I wish CCBill's customer-facing forms were a lot more sensitive to details like this. There's no good reason they need to be so ugly and confusing, and I guarantee you it hurts sales. The name of the game in e-commerce (and really, ANY commerce, lol) is to make everything as EASY and painless for the customer to give you money... CCBill needs to work on this part of their service.


Posted by Scott O.