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mismatched end of membership access dates versus block of members rejoining date


Because my most loyal members join for 12 months (non recurring the only option) as soon as they find they are barred from club access because their 12 months membership has ended, they immediately go an attempt to join again. However frequently they find they are barred from rejoining because "they already have a membership".

This is caused by regional/global time differences not matched to the blocking of rejoining end dates. But when loyal customers are denied the right to rejoin like this they take this denial personally and because it happened twice to more than one loyal member, I lost their loyalty - and their money!

I understand the reason for this technical glitch but what I don't understand is why it has never been fixed! And the fix is simple: just END the BLOCKING of their abilty to rejoin minus TWO or THREE days before the actual end of current membership - a practice most companies offer to get over the problem.

Posted by Neil Munro