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Hello, I mentioned this perhaps a decade ago, but in these times of dramatic social change, this is an issue that I think is a priority and long overdue.
In the Western world of business, diversity and equal representation is now being finally featured. Business is not an exclusive domain anymore. CCbill's website photos is a show that it is FAR FAR behind what most other companies are doing; showing and embracing diversity - not just because it's proper and decent, but it respects the fact that consumers and merchants are made up of a large number of diverse backgrounds - women, minorities, disabled, etc.
My request is for your website 'people photos' to fully represent diversity; the way most companies are understanding is NORMAL now. Seeing only 'caucasians in smart suits' as models in your website photos will only cast your company as favouring prejudice and the old exclusive ways of doing business; it becomes a very noticed infamous reputation, which then may hurt your sales and business ventures. People do notice these things that your website design teams may be casually disregarding.

Posted by Mr.P