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Providing a cryptocurrency payment option (like PayPal)


CCBill should be leading in the move to allow payments to be made online with the use of Bitcoin and Eth/Ethereum. If PayPal is allowing crypto payments and Visa is working on cryptocurrency projects, it is odd that CCBill has announced nothing in this area.

As a merchant, I would absolutely LOVE to be offering the option for members to pay me through a number of cryptocurrency options.

Again, if PayPal is doing it, I don't understand why CCBill isn't ahead of the curve here. Please post information on your site about your company position with regards to this option (and how soon you will be implementing it).

If you have currency experts on staff, someone there should be explaining that it isn't a question of if you will be accepting cryptocurrencies, it is only a question of when.

Please implement this option within Flexforms as soon as possible.

Posted by Michael