Merchant Connect - Overview

Merchant Connect is a marketplace designed to bring together merchants in one centralized location. CCBill is once again improving consumers’ online purchase experience by providing a new way to make new purchases from different merchants without re-entering payment information.

Designed to simplify and secure the purchase process while increasing revenue, Merchant Connect empowers your business to reach new markets and consumers with flexibility and innovation delivered by CCBill.

With Merchant Connect we’ve created a simple user experience that allows merchants to quickly and easily connect with each other, partnering to increase traffic and revenue for both parties. You can list your program and get it in front of the network of CCBill merchants, or quickly find a partner program to share your traffic with.


  • Searchable program listing. All Merchant Connect Sponsors will be visible to all merchants, including details of their program. From this list you can quickly select the program(s) you’re interested in partnering with and join immediately
  • Flexible and reliable payments. Whether it’s Pay per Sale and Revshare through CCBill or sponsor managed, Merchant Connect comes with a variety of payment options for you.
  • Simplified integration process. Merchant Connect comes with a pre-built script to handle the Affiliate Merchant functions. Spend less time integrating and more time making money.
  • Cross-sell WITHOUT re-entering payment information. Expand on the success of our Cross Sale system to add promotional sales to your site as a post-sale tool and eliminate away the need to enter payment information so your consumers can get what they want without delay.
  • Easily add related products to your site. Work with already established partners to add a tangible item, a cam purchase, or a dating site for your members. Reap the benefits of add-on purchases without taking on the overhead or workload for a solution you aren’t familiar with.
  • Automate the purchase process. Once configured you can let the feature run itself. Receive automated notifications when purchases happen and get notified if program settings change. Spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about your partner setups.

How it Works

Basically, CCBill plays matchmaker between Sponsor Merchants and Affiliate Merchants. The platform empowers one-click transactions between all merchants, so your audience can make instant purchases from other merchants. An affiliate merchant sends a member or buyer to a selected number of CCBill sponsored merchants and offer their product which can be bought with a single click of a mouse-button. CCBill tracks these one-click transactions, and we track and payout on the revenue sharing - all within the Merchant Connect platform.

What makes me a Sponsor or Affiliate Merchant?

What makes you a Sponsor Merchant?
What makes you an Affiliate Merchant?
You would like to offer your product or service to other CCBill website owners.
You have existing or previous consumers who have purchased through CCBill.
You would like to increase your incoming traffic and automate your revenue sharing.
You would like to increase your revenue by offering another product or service to your consumers.
You would like to grow your own customer base with new cross-sales from partners.
You would like to automate your sales flow and simplify the up-sale process on your site.

If you see yourself in any of the above mentioned roles, then there's nothing standing in your way of receiving or sending traffic via Merchant Connect.

For more technical details regarding Merchant Connect, please follow the link below:

Merchant Connect - Technical Details