How do I set up a user to process test transactions?

The CCBill processing system checks four (4) things when attempting to process a test transaction:

  • Credit card or account number being used
  • The email address inputted on the form
  • The IP address of the person accessing the form
  • CVV (Only applies to testing FlexForms in Sandbox mode. Use CVV > 300 for approvals)
The first thing you need to do if you intend on processing test transactions on your account is Setup a Test Transaction User. This is where our system gets the email and IP address to compare to what is present on our form when someone attempts to process a test transaction.

How to Setup a Test Transaction User

  1. Log in to the CCBill Admin.
  2. Browse to Account Info > Transaction Test Settings.
  3. Click Create New User on the left side of the page.

    Test Transaction

  4. Type the email address and a Low and High IP address. The high and low IP address can be the same address OR a range if you have a server range a script is testing from.
  5. Click Update to create the user.

 IP Range

If you need to trace the location or source of any particular IP address, you may find the following link useful - https://www.whatismyip.com/

Note: To view any of your created users, enter the email address associated to your test transaction user in the View/Modify Users field and click Lookup. To view all users, leave the email field blank.

Running a Test Transaction

Once you have setup your Test Transactions User, you can now go to the sign up page you intend on testing and run a test transaction.

Option 1: Testing a JPOST form

  1. Select Account Info > Sub Account Admin.
  2. Click the Form Admin link on the left.
  3. Select a form.
  4. Once you reach the form, you simply need to be coming from the IP address you registered for the test transaction user and then use the correct email address and an appropriate test credit card/account number for the response you are trying to generate.
Option 2: Testing a FlexForm in Sandbox Mode

  1. Select FlexForms Systems > FlexForms Payment Links.
  2. Make sure you are in Sandbox Mode (indicated by the toggle switch in the upper-left corner of the screen).
  3. Select a FlexForm by clicking on its Web Widget.

    Web Widget

  4. As with JPOST forms, you need to be coming from the IP address you registered for the test transaction user and use the below provided test credit card numbers.

Test Credit Card Numbers

See below for a list of test account numbers and credit cards and their appropriate responses:

Card Type Card Numbers Results
Visa 4444444444446666 Approval
Visa 4444444444444422 Denial (Risk)
Visa 4444444444444455 Denial (Banking)
MasterCard 5555555555557777 Approval
MasterCard 5555555555559922 Denial (Risk)
MasterCard 5555555555559955 Denial (Banking)
Diner’s 30333333333333 Approval
Diner’s 30666666666666 Denial (Risk)
Diner’s 30000000000004 Denial (Banking)
Discover 6555555555555555 Approval
Discover 6444444444444443 Denial (Risk)
Discover 6222222222222225 Denial (Banking)
JCB 3555555555555552 Approval
JCB 3544444444444449 Denial (Risk)
JCB 3533333333333339 Denial (Banking)
Maestro 6304444444444442 Approval
Maestro 6759999999999991 Denial (Risk)
Maestro 6761111111111119 Denial (Banking)


When testing FlexForms in Sandbox mode, use CVV > 300 for approvals. All values below 300 will result in a denial.

US Test Checking Accounts

Account Number Routing Number Results
100000000 299999999 Approval
100000001 299999999 Denial (Risk)
100000002 299999999 Denial (Banking)