Why was my credit card charged twice?

Multiple charges cannot happen by mistake in CCBill’s system. If you try to pay for a subscription you have already purchased, the system will display an error message stating that you cannot purchase it twice. If you have not received two distinct emails from CCBill confirming the purchases, then CCBill will not charge you twice.

When double charges occur, you can always contact CCBill Support for assistance.

If you pay with a debit card, it’s probably just your bank authorizing a single payment. Namely, when dealing with debit cards, the system first sends a “test” transaction to your bank in order to check whether you have enough funds to cover the transaction. After the bank confirms this, the “real” transaction is sent to your bank, asking for an Address Verification System (AVS) check before finalizing the transaction. Some banks record these as two separate transactions and make it seem like you have been charged twice.

Please be aware that only one transaction shall deduce funds off your balance, while the other is marked as a “Pending” transaction and should vanish in up to 7 business days. If it doesn’t vanish, please contact your bank.

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