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Feature Request Idea  Original currencies and amounts

Submitted by: Matyas Peterfi ()

Please make it possible to access exports/reports where the original amounts and currencies are listed for each transaction, or at least make the exchange rates you have used available. Businesses need at least one of these to make a proper reconciliation with your records. Thank you!


Feature Request Idea  Special merchant's client privilages

Submitted by: Joseph Malavenda ()

As a rule, all customers are prohibited to make too many orders within a 30 day period and to not exceed a certain dollar limit per order. Like many merchants, we will always have a few very trust worthy customers that order many times during a 30 day period. (Ex. I have a customer that ordered over 200 items on 18 orders since August of 2017, six of which were made within the last 30 day period) This customer tried to make a seventh order of 74.62 and was declined. I contacted support and they explained the policy to me and why it's done. After knowing the policy, I contacted my customer to explain why this happened to him after all the past orders he made, and not to wonder "What happened to my credit card".
My question is: It would be good if proven and trust worthy customers could get special privileges to make more than the normal amount of orders within 30 days. As for exceeding the amount of money per order, that's not as important as the order quantity per 30 days.
After all, if a customer made many orders and all were fine, there shouldn't be a reason to stop them from making another order with a proven past history. (there are much better odds with a proven customer then a new customer)
Anyway, I just wanted to put this thought out there and maybe something like this could be initiated in the future and many merchants could benifit by it.???
Thank you,
Joe Malavenda
Account #951311


Feature Request Idea  Why don't you send email about issued payments for afiliates?

Submitted by: john ()

This feature will be very useful, because I can't see the amount of payment in euros in my afiliate account


Feature Request Idea  VENMO!

Submitted by: jeff carter ()

I read 2 days ago that suddenly India has the worlds largest online presence via smartphones. The majority of their transactions are via VENMO

Can we get venmo as an option?


Feature Request Idea  Welcome!

Submitted by: CCBill ()

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