Testing Payment Flows and Placing Links

Testing Payment Flows

The Sandbox Mode is a fantastic tool that allows you to test forms before you submit them to us for review and before you place them on your live web site. We’re not going to tell you how to test your forms as you may have different protocols than other merchants, but there are a few things you need to know about testing Payment Flows and Forms that will help you out:

  • You should always use the Sandbox mode for testing. Sandbox mode enables you to make changes to the Payment Flow and your forms, while testing on Live often requires time after making edits to the form for CCBill to perform their reviews of your changes.
  • Click the WebWidget preview to load the Payment Flow for testing.
  • You must be logged in to the Admin Portal for URLs and WebWidget code from Sandbox mode to work. This means you can’t really send these links to other people to test for you. If you really need someone else to test a Payment Flow, you’ll want to wait until you’ve promoted it to live and send them the link from Live Mode.
  • CCBill has a number of test account numbers that you can use for testing your Payment Flows.
As already mentioned, when placing WebWidget or URL links on your LIVE site, you must retrieve those links from the Flex Forms Live Mode. Link Code and URL code that you retrieve from the Sandbox WILL NOT WORK for your live consumers.

When you’re ready to place a link to a Payment Flow WebWidget or URL on your LIVE web site, go to Flex Forms and click Widget Code. You want to make sure you grab the code from the right side of the screen that opens up (Note the right side of these links will launch live version of the flow).

Copy the appropriate code and then place that code on your site using your method of choice.