Revenue Builders

Revenue Builders are tools CCBill provides you so that you can help increase revenue and retain consumers.

Cancel and Loyalty Discounts

A Cancel Discount is a retention tool in the Pricing Admin. This tool gives consumers who cancel via our Support.CCBill.com page the ability to keep their subscription at a reduced rate. Their subscription terms will be modified to the new cancel rate and they keep their subscription with you if they accept.

A Loyalty Discount exists as a retention tool to give your consumers a reduced price the longer they rebill with you. By providing them incentive to stay a customer (a reduced rate) you’ll have the opportunity to keep them rebilling.

Setting Up a Cancel Discount

Cancel Discounts are specific to Individual Pricing Options.

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal.
  2. On the Account Info Mega Menu, click Edit Sub Account.
  3. On the left choose Pricing Admin.
  4. Select a Pricing ID to offer a Cancel Discount for.
  5. Click the second blue Cancel hyperlink.
  6. Enter the Discount Amount.
  7. Click Submit.

Setting up a Loyalty Discount

To set up a Loyalty Discount:

  1. Log in to the CCBill Webmaster Admin and go to Premium Features -> Discounts -> Loyalty Discount
  2. Select a Subaccount from the list.
  3. Select a Price Point from the list. This is the price point to which the discount will be applied. Consumers who rebill under this price point will receive the discount.
  4. Enter the dollar amount to be subtracted from the rebill price.
  5. Choose the Starting Rebill. This number signifies the rebill number at which the discount will begin.
  6. Choose the Discount Interval. This value is used for discounts that become progressively lower over time. The number selected will signify the number of rebills between each discount increment.
  7. Choose the total Number of Discounts. The discount will be applied this many times at the interval stated above.
  8. When finished creating the discount, click Update. You will be shown an amortization table similar to the one below.
  9. Click Continue to save the discount, or Change Discount to further modify the discount without saving.

As an example, creating a discount of two dollars, starting at the fourth rebill, at an interval of three rebills, and two total discounts, will result in the following:

Rebilling Periods Amounts Discount #
1 - 3 $15.00 at the end of each period
4 - 6 $13.00 at the end of each period 1
7 - 9 $11.00 at the end of each period 2
10 - end of Subscription $9.00 at the end of each period 3

Note that only one loyalty discount can be configured per price point. Saving a discount will overwrite any previous loyalty discounts set up on the selected price point.

Promotional Sales

This area allows you to add or remove Promotional Sales, which are secondary offers that may be presented to consumers as a reduced sale. For example, when you set up a subscription, you can present discounted sales to another website or to another Affiliate website by using an upsale or cross sale .

The Promotional Sales Section contains the following topics:

Display - View the Promotional sales you have setup for the subaccount.
Add/ Update - Add or remove a promotional sale.
Create Upsale - Setup a subaccount/website and the subscription pricing options for an upsale link.

There are two types of Promotional sales:

  • Upsales - A secondary subscription offered to one of your subaccount websites. Upsales can be created and presented to new customers on the Signup Form and/or the Approval page. Upsales send Promotional sales to other CCBill main accounts or subaccounts, which are under a CCBill main account. For example, if the main account number is 900100-0000, then you could send an upsale to subaccount 900100-0001. You can set up upsale promotions for linked main accounts, if you have the Linked Account option available for use.
  • Cross Sales - A secondary subscription offered to an Affiliate website that can be created and presented to new customers on the Signup Form and/or Approval page. Cross Sale require a pre-approved Cross Sale Relationship between you and the Affiliate. Cross Sales send promotional sales to other CCBill main accounts. For example, if the CCBill main account number is 900100, then you could set up a cross sale relationship with account number 900050, provided the owners of both accounts agree to a cross sale relationship.
Both you and your cross sale partner must be pre-approved by CCBill in order to have a cross sale relationship. Email the sales department, sales at ccbill.com, for information about setting up partnerships with other CCBill cross sale Affiliate accounts. If you turn off the cross sale, then both partners must be approved again in order to reactivate the cross sale.

You can display two Promotional sales to customers on the Signup Form, i.e., two upsales, two cross sales, or one cross sale and one upsale. Refer to topic Form Admin > Update Form > Form Skin for more information about setting up Promotional Sales on the Signup Form. You can display one promotional sale on the Approval page, i.e., one cross sale or one upsale.


An Upsale is a promotional offer on the sign-up form that occurs between two subaccounts on one Merchant account.

For example: On sub account 0000 you set up a Upsale offer that will allow consumers to opt-in to a second sale, at a discounted price, for sub account 0001.

Upsales must be approved by our Merchant Support Department. These usually take one to two business days to process.

Please contact us with the following information below so that we may help you set up your Upsale:

  • Upsale From Sub Account(s)
  • Upsale To Sub Account
  • Pricing Option
  • Optional: Pre-Checked: Yes or No

Cross Sales

A Cross Sale is a promotional offer on the sign-up form which occurs between two different Main Merchant Accounts.

For example: Once Merchant Account 1 – Sub account 0000 wants to offer a promotional offer to Merchant Account 2 – Sub account 0000. Creating a relationship between Merchants drives traffic to both sites, increasing revenue for both Merchants.

All configuration for Up Sales is handled by the CCBill Merchant Support Department, but before this can be done, there are a few requirements. The process is outlined below.

Once you have decided you would like to have an Up Sale set up on your account, you will need to send in an email request to inform the Merchant Support Department you would like to have an Up Sale configured for your account. In this email, please include the following information:

  • Up Sale From Subaccount Number - The From subaccount will be the subaccount that hosts the promotional sale to the other subaccount on its CCBill sign up form or approval page.
  • Up Sale To Subaccount Number - The To subaccount will be the subaccount that receives the promotional sale from the From subaccount’s CCBill sign up form or approval page.
  • Up Sale To Pricing Option - This will be the pricing option at which you would like the additional product to be offered on the From subaccount’s CCBill sign up for or Approval page.
  • Up Sale Sign up Form or Approval page - You will need to indicate whether the promotional sale should appear on the From subaccount’s CCBill sign up form, or the Approval page.

Once the CCBill Merchant Support Department has received all of this information, a work order request will be placed with the Upper Management Team for review. If approved, the Up Sale will be set up for you, and you will receive a confirmation email to inform you the Up Sale is complete.

Restrictions: There can only be two promotional sales total, actually applied to each form/page. Promotional sales include Up Sales and Cross Sales.

In other words you may:
  • Host two promotional sales on your CCBill sign up form,
  • Host one promotional sale on your CCBill sign up form and one on your approval page, OR
  • Host two promotional sales on your approval page.

Maximum Number of Promotional Sales Per Form

You can have a maximum of two promotional sales on a sign-up form. Promotional sales are not restricted to just the sign up form, you can also have them on the Approval Page.

You can also have a maximum of two on the approval page, with approval, to a maximum of four promotional sales.


Upgrades are post-sale promotional offers that give consumers the opportunity to create a new subscription at a new billing rate for a new or different service or product. There are two Upgrade options:
  • Prorating. You can cancel the original subscription and prorate the new subscription based on the time or the amount. The new subscription will then have a reduced price or an extended time until the next rebill.
  • Generating a New Sale. You may choose to have Upgrades generate new subscriptions without having any effect on the original subscription.

Setting Up Upgrades

You’ll need to make sure you have the resources to support upgrades. Our technical documentation for upgrades can be found in our Subscription Upgrade Users Guide at http://www.ccbill.com/cs/manuals/CCBill_Subscription_Upgrade_Users_Guide.pdf. In order to set up Upgrades you will need to contact Merchant Support with the following information:
  • Upgrade from Sub Account & pricing option(s)
  • Upgrade to Sub account & pricing option(s)
  • Your upgrade method (both are further described in the documentation linked above):
    • TripleDES method
    • Backend HTTPS method
Once you provide this information to Merchant Support we can enable the upgrade option for your account.