Recurring Billing Options

Loyalty Discount

The Loyalty Discount is offered to your new customers on either the Sign Up Form or the Approval page. The discount options determine the amount of the discount, when to begin the discount, for how many rebills you would like to offer the discount, and whether or not you would like to offer additional reductions or discounts after the initial discount period.

Enter the required information for the loyalty discount values as follows:
  • Discount Amount. The amount in U.S. dollars of the reduction. If the dollar amount is $0.00, then no markdown is given.
  • Starting Rebill. The rebill number to start reducing the amount of the subscription.
  • Discount Interval. The number of rebills between discounts.
  • Number of Discounts. The amount of rebills to continue to reducing the subscription amount.
Click Update to save the Loyalty Discount information to CCBill 's system. Click Delete to remove the Loyalty Discount.

Review the Loyalty Discount information using the helpful Amortization Table. Click the Show Amortization Table button to display a projection of the loyalty reductions over time.

Amortization Table

This Amortization Table illustrates how the Loyalty Discount that was just created will be presented to customers, including amounts and number of discounts.

Please note that loyalty discounts are amortized, or taken accumulatively over the course of the discount period, so be aware of how much and for how long you would like to offer this discount to members.


If the following loyalty discount is set up...
  • Choose Price. The pricing for this discount is $5.95 for 3 days, recurring at $29.95 each 30 days.
  • Choose Price. Offer a $2.00 discount.
  • Starting Rebill. Start at rebill number 7.
  • Discount Interval. With discount intervals of every 6 rebills.
  • Number of Discounts. For no longer than 3 discount periods.
Loyal customers will pay for this subscription in the following manner:

Billing Periods Amounts Discount Number
1 - 6 $29.95 at the end of each 30 days
7 - 12 $27.95 at the end of each 30 days 1
13 - 18 $25.95 at the end of each 30 days 2
19 - End of Subscription $23.95 at the end of each 30 days 3 and last offered

Cancel Discount

The Cancel Discount is offered to customers on the CCBill Cancellation page.

Canceling members will receive this page when they:
  1. Go to the CCBill Cancellation page that is available on https://support.ccbill.com .
  2. Enter their email address and their Subscription ID or Credit Card number.
  3. Click to cancel their subscription from the Subscription Matrix.
Enter the required information for the cancel discount amount. This is the amount in U.S. dollars of the reduction. If the dollar amount is $0.00, then no markdown is given. For example, if you enter a $5.00 discount amount for a subscription price of $19.99, the canceling members will be offered the option to continue their subscriptions for only $14.99 a month for the remaining life of their membership.

Click Submit to save the Cancel Discount information to CCBill 's system.

Click Delete to remove the Discount.

Custom Price Description

The Custom Price Description area allows you to enter your own custom label to explain the pricing options to customers. The custom text is displayed on the Sign Up Form. Typically, CCBill uses a default description for the form's pricing. You can define something to uniquely characterize the form. The custom text is optional.

Please note that the Custom Price Description area is disabled by default. Contact Merchant Support for assistance with setting up this feature.

The Description text is used to display custom information about how the pricing options are set. For example, $0.00 for 5 days (trial) then $30.00 recurring every 30 days. Enter a pricing message to display for recurring billing types in the Description text box. In recurring billing you can also have a footnote to display more information about the pricing options. The footnote is displayed towards the bottom of the Sign Up Form. The Description text box may not be displayed if it has not been set up for the subaccount.

The Recurring Description text is used to add a footnote to the form informing customers about the length of the subscription, how the pricing options are set up, or any other pertinent information about the sign up.

Required Parameters

Custom Price Descriptions allow the use of variables to represent different pre-determined values. Variables are notated using "%%" notation.

The %%initialPrice%% variable is required for the Description field and the %%recurringPrice%% variable is required in the Recurring Description field. The variables can be used at any place in either field as long as both are present in their respective fields. The %%recurringPrice%% variable can also be used in the Description field; in which case, it is not required for the Recurring Description field.