Promotional Offers

Promotional offers can easily be set up in the FlexForms Editor:

  1. Sign in to the Admin Portal.
  2. Open the FlexForms Systems menu, which should be on the left side of the mega menu bar.
  3. Click the Forms Library link in the upper right corner of your screen.
  4. Select a form from your library.
  5. Click the Promotional Offers property setting from the list of Common Settings.
  6. Select a Title for your offer(s):
    • Special Offer
    • Today's Special
    • Additional Offers

  7. Add images to the Special Offers section (optional).
  8. Create up to five (5) Special Offers.
  9. For every offer you need to set the following settings:
    • Select Pricing
    • Location. Payment Form or Approval Message.
    • Pricing Text. Select one of the two predefined texts. (One text is optimized for selling tangible goods, while the other is optimized for subscriptions.)
    • Referrer. Each promotion supports separately configurable affiliate rules in order to determine what affiliate gets credited for the promotional sale.
      • Referrer from Original Site (default). Any affiliate ID on the main/primary sale on the form will also get credit if the consumer buys this promotion. (Note that if there is no affiliate ID on the main sale, nobody gets credit.)
      • Custom Referrer. This allows the merchant to enter an affiliate ID of their choosing. That affiliate ID will always get credit if a consumer buys this promotion.
    • Select the Display Offer check box in order to make the offer visible to customers.
You can have the offers configured and ready, but display them only when you want to.


A total of five (5) Special Offers may be presented to Consumers between the Payment Screen and the Approval Message. The number may vary depending on Client Rules.