Member Management Solutions

CCBill offers Merchants many tools useful in managing their members.

  • CCBill User Management System. The User Management System is installed on your server by a CCBill Merchant Support Representative. It manages new sign-ups as well as access to your membership site. It is a simple(and effective)system that issues Adds/Removes/Updates a password file which an Authentication file checks to determine if the username/password are indeed correct.
  • Background Post (also known as Postback). Background Post allows Merchants to receive data posts from our system to a script that the Merchant creates. Merchants can parse that data from the script into their databases/tables for member tracking. Background Post only works for NEW transactions.
  • Datalink Extract. Datalink Extract is a reporting system commonly used in conjunction with the Background Post system. It allows you to pull data from our system with a query based on the status of a subscription (refunded/void/expired) to update your database/tables with the status of that subscription to manage their access.
  • Webhooks. Similar to our Background Post system, this is an event driven management system. Webhooks is not restricted to NEW transactions and allows you to receive a Post on a multitude of transaction types. Datalink Extract System integration is not required to receive status notifications; Webhooks will automatically push those changes to the script you designate.
  • Datalink Subscription Management System Subscription Management System (Or SMS for short) allows merchants to manipulate subscriptions from their server opposed to logging into the CCBill Admin to make changes like canceling a subscription, updating a username or password, or issuing voids and refunds.
  • Jpost Local. JPost Local allows Merchants to build their own User Management Script to interact directly with ours as consumers sign up through the CCBill system. The systesm issue Add/Update/Remove notifications to your script so you can pull members out of your password file or scripts.