Loyalty Discounts

Use the following step-by-step guide to set up a loyalty discount the easy way. Loyalty Discounts in Premium Features allows you to set up loyalty discounts through an easy interface.
  1. Choose a subaccount and the pricing options for your loyalty discount.
  2. In the Sub Account drop-down menu choose an account for the loyalty discount.
  3. In the Pricing drop-down menu choose the pricing options to offer the customer such as the subscription cost, trial period, billing type (single or recurring) and period. If there are no pricing options available in the Pricing drop-down menu, you can set these up in the Pricing Admin area of the Tools Section.
  4. Click Go. This opens the Loyalty Discount page in the Pricing Admin area of the Tools section.
The following steps of this guide refer to options that are set up in the Tools Loyalty Discount area:
  1. From the Discount Amount Select Boxes, choose the amount in U.S. dollars of the reduction. If the dollar amount is $0.00, no markdown is given.
  2. From the Starting Rebill drop-down menu, choose the rebill number to start reducing the amount of the subscription.
  3. From the Discount Interval drop-down menu, choose the number of rebills between discounts.
  4. From the Number of Discounts drop-down menu, choose the amount of rebills to continue reducing the subscription amount.
  5. Review the Loyalty Discount information using the Amortization Table. Click the Show Amortization Table button on the bottom of the page to display a projection of the loyalty reductions over time.
  6. Submit the Loyalty Discount information to CCBill's system. Click Update on the bottom of the page to save to CCBill's system.
  7. You may remove the loyalty discount by clicking Delete on the bottom of the page.