How do the variables in link URLs work?

In the Admin Portal, https://admin.ccbill.com/ -> Legacy Affiliate, under 'Tools -> Get Banners' you are provided a block of HTML that allows you to refer consumers to the Sponsor Program for credit.

The HTML looks like:

<A HREF="http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=929487-0000&PA=2272329&BAN=0">

Depending on Sponsor Program settings you may also see the IMG SRC value populated. If you cannot find a banner for the program you may want to check directly on the Sponsor Programs website for marketing tools:

<A HREF="http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=929487-0000&PA=2272329&BAN=0">
<IMG SRC="https://domainnamehere.com/00/logo0.gif" BORDER=0> </A>

This code is provided in the Admin Portal, however, the important link that can also be used is:


Now to break that down we see:


This is the script that runs to track the sale!

  • CA. Sponsor Account / Sub Account Number
  • PA. Affiliate Account Number - This value is unique to every sign-up and every program.

See the What is Affiliate linking? topic for more details.

To receive credit, the PA value must be registered to the CA value.