How do I setup an Affiliate Program?

The Legacy Affiliate System allows you to create your own system that allows affiliates to send traffic to your site. The Legacy Affiliate System ensures that all of the payouts are sent by CCBill directly to your Affiliates based on your selection of a PPS (Pay Per Sale) system or a Shared Revenue system.

Please note that if you're setting up an Affiliate Program for a subaccount OTHER than "0000" (the main account), click the Advanced Features link and disable CCBill Account Grouping.

  1. Log in to the Admin Portal.
  2. Browse to the Legacy Affiliate Mega Menu, then click System Set Up.
  3. Fill in the fields with information about the program you wish to create.

    Redirect URL - When a surfer clicks on an advertisement banner, which is located on an Affiliate website, they will be sent to the Redirect URL . For example a valid Redirect URL for the home page might look like: 'http://www.yourwebsite.com/index.htm' and an example of the Tour page would be: 'http://www.yourwebsite.com/tour/index.htm.'
    Banner URL - This URL points to the directory and file where your banner is located on your website. An example of a valid Banner URL is 'http://www.yourwebsite.com/banners/banner1.jpg'. There are ten fields available, which allow you to enter URLs pointing to ten different banners created for your Affiliate Program. You are only required to enter one banner, but you can enter up to ten, if required.
    Banner Farm URL - The Banner Farm URL is a page you create, which displays all of your banners. Your Affiliates will be sent to this page after clicking the link you enter in the Banner Farm URL.
    Affiliate Payouts - Only one base payout type is required. If you are using free trials, select the percentage payout option. To offer a combination of percentage payout and dollar amount per sale, enter information for both the base percentage and dollar amount.
    Telephone Billing Percent Payout - Telephone Billing is NO longer available within our system.
    Base Percentage Payout - The fraction amount to payout for referred sales. This is the amount that will be paid to Affiliates when they send customers to your site provided the customer successfully signs up. If this amount is set to 50 then the Affiliate will receive 50% of the sale. Enter the percentage as 25, not 0.25.
    Base Dollar Amount - The flat payout rate for referred sales. This option does not work with free trials. This is the amount that will be paid to Affiliates when they send customers to your site provided the customer successfully signs up. If this amount is set to 5.00 then the Affiliate will receive $5.00 from the sale.
    Recurring Payment - To offer a portion of the recurring sales select Yes, otherwise select No.
    Receive Sales Emails - Select Yes to receive an E-mail about each sale that the Affiliates refer to your website, otherwise select No. This E-mail contains the date of the transaction, the amount, and other valuable information pertaining to the sale.
    Serve Banners - Select Yes to serve banners from your website, otherwise select No. If you select Yes then each time a surfer views your Affiliate's website, the advertisement banner will be loaded from your website, and will be displayed on your Affiliate's website. This will increase your bandwidth usage. The advantage to using this option is that if you change your banner image then your Affiliate will not have to re-upload the new banner. The new banner image will be automatically displayed on your Affiliate's site. If you select No then your Affiliates will save the banner image on their server, which will not have any effect on your bandwidth. In this instance you will need to notify the Affiliate to re-upload your updated banners.
    Receive Signup Emails - Select Yes to receive an E-mail every time a new Affiliate signs up, otherwise select No.
    Program Name - Enter a short and descriptive name/program designation for the Affiliate Program. For example, if the website's name is "E-cash", then the program name might be "E-cash Affiliate Program". The program will use a default name when nothing is entered.
    Click Tracking - Allows you to choose the type of click tracking desired and define unique tracking for your Affiliates. You may choose Raw and/or one Unique option. Also choose from the drop-down menu the time frame (1, 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours) to use for breaking down the data collected. The title Click Tracking contains a drop-down menu with your Click Tracking history for the account. You can use this feature to view past settings for the account and re-activate those settings by clicking Activate. Click the X to close the history viewer. Raw is enabled by default and cannot be turned off.
    Allow Affiliate to View the Following Clicks - Choose the level of detail you wish your affiliates to be able to view: Raw, Second Page, Unique (as you defined in Click Tracking above), or Form. Verify all the information and make changes as needed. The settings can be edited at any time but will only affect newly signed up affiliates; existing affiliate's setting will not change.

  1. Click Update to save the changes you have made.


If you set up both a Base Percent Payout and a Base Dollar Payout you will be providing affiliates with BOTH (Base Dollar Payout + Base Percent Payout).
Affiliate Sign Up Form

Once the program is set up, the next step would be to set up the Affiliate Sign Up form on your website. Do so by obtaining the HTML code for the sign up form, under Legacy Affiliate > Signup Template. Find more information by referring to the How do affiliates register to my Affiliate Program? article.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you do not complete this step, Affiliates will not be able to sign up. CCBill does NOT do any affiliate advertising for you.