FlexForms Form Status and Live Mode

The Sandobox / Live concept is new to the CCBill Admin, and some of the concepts are a bit tricky. Earlier we talked about how to tell if you’re in Sandbox or Live and we’ve touched on a few other concepts that depend on your working in Sandbox Mode. In this section we’re going to talk a little about getting things from the Sandbox and into Live Mode.

If you’re in Sandbox Mode and have some Payment Flows set up already, you may have noticed that the far right side of the screen has a Status column. This indicates the status that its respective Payment Flow is in.

Let’s talk a little about what each status means:

  • Matches Live. A Payment Flow with this status is a form that has been promoted to live already and hasn’t been modified in the Sandbox since that promotion.
  • Promote to Live. A Payment Flow with this status has already been through our internal review and is ready to be made Live. There may be a live version of this Payment Flow, but it is different from this version in some way.
  • Pending Approval. A Payment Flow with this status is one that you created but is still waiting for a CCBill review. There may be a live version of this Payment Flow, but it is different from this version in some way.

Important Information about Sandbox and Live Modes

THIS INFORMATION IN THIS SECTION IS REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT!! If you read nothing else in this guide, please read this section.

Forms and Payment Flows that have been “Promoted to Live” are the forms that your consumers can use to purchase your goods and services. The forms and Payment Flows you see when in Sandbox mode are different from the forms and Payment Flows that exist in Live Mode. The LINKS that you get from the Sandbox Mode page are different from the links that you get from the Live Mode page. The links on the Sandbox page are for testing. If you’ve placed a URL or Web Widget code from the Sandbox on your site NO CONSUMERS WILL BE ABLE TO PURCHASE GOODS OR SERVICES USING THAT FORM. The only people that that Payment Flow will work for are you and other authorized users on your account and that link will work only while one of you is logged in to the CCBill Admin Portal.

Later in this document when we talk about Web Widgets and URLs (in the Testing Payment Flows and Placing Payment Flow Links sections) we’ll talk more about how to tell the difference between a Live Payment Flow and a Sandbox Payment Flow.