Custom Emails

Custom Emails permit customers to be sent an automatic personalized email with a custom message and take advantage of additional sales opportunities through membership sign up and cancellation activity. The personalization options provide customization features that include customer name, address, username /password , account number, Subscription ID 's, company and product information, pricing , decline reasons and much more.

Custom Emails permit the creation of Approval , Denial, Cancel, Failed , Expire Single, and Expire Recurring emails using customizable templates provided by CCBill .

All merchant email for the subaccount will be sent to this address. Merchant email can be sent to more than one location by separating email addresses with commas (e.g., youremail1@website.com, youremail2@website.com, etc.).

Email Types

  • Approval Email. For customers who had their payment approved.
  • Denial Email. For customers who had their payment declined.
  • Cancel Email. For customers who have cancelled their membership.
  • Failed Email. For customers whose payments have failed to rebill.
  • Expire Single Email. Notifies the customer when their subscription access is about to expire.
  • Expire Recurring Email. Notifies the customer when their recurring billing subscription access is about to expire.


Click Default or Custom to view the modification history of that email type. Click Close to return.

Suspending Emails

Merchant emails are sent to you (the merchant), whereas Consumer emails are sent to your customers. When you suspend Custom Approval, Denial, Failed, Expire Single, or Expire Recurring emails, they are stopped. When you suspend a Custom Cancellation Email, CCBill will automatically send out a default email. Cancellation emails cannot be stopped.
To suspend Merchant or Customer Emails, click the envelope icon, it will display a circled-out envelope indicating that emails have been suspended. Keep in mind that you may have data in any or all of the Custom Customer emails. If you want to suspend the email, be sure to delete all data in each type of Email format, for instance: text and HTML.
To enable Merchant or Customer Emails click the circled-out envelope icon, it will display the envelope icon indicating that emails have been enabled.
NOTE: If emails have not been suspended, this is the default state of the system. Both you and your customer will receive Approval, Denial, Failed, Canceled, Expired Single, and Expired Recurring emails.


Click Preview to view the email base that will be sent.


Although the CCBill default email template will be functional for most users, it may be modified by clicking Customize which will open a new editing window. Once the customize option has been selected the menu selection will change to Edit/Default. At any time in the future, click Edit to make changes to your template, or Default to return to the CCBill template.