Cancel Discounts

You can view the number of times your Cancel Discounts were offered to subscribers and whether or not they accepted or rejected the discounts.

Select all subaccounts or an individual subaccount and date ranges from the Selection Pane.

Click Apply Changes to display the Cancel Discounts report.

The left area of the Cancel Discounts report displays the Breakdown by column.
The blue linked items in the Breakdown by column allow you to sort the data in several ways.
  • Subaccount. The merchant 's subaccount number.
  • Date. The date of the subscription cancellation.
  • Subscription Type. The subscription type .
  • Discount. The discount amount.
  • Source. The source of the cancel discount; for example, consumer support or online cancellation.
When a breakdown link is clicked, the Cancel Discounts report displays the selected breakdown data in additional columns.

Field List (Cancel Discounts Report)
  • Total Viewed - The number of times the discounts were offered to consumers by count or percent.
  • Cancelled - The number of consumers who did not utilize the discount by count or percent.
  • Accepted - The number of customers who accepted the discount by count or percent.