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You have probably noticed that among the various payment options consumers are offered the option of using CCBill Pay. This is an online service launched by CCBill which enables consumers to store up to 25 payment methods. It's offered on every FlexForm at checkout, and consumers who possess a CCBill Pay account can just log in and confirm the purchase, thus making the buying process quicker, easier, and more satisfying.

The most vital information about CCBill Pay:

  • CCBill provides support for CCBill Pay consumers.
  • CCBill Pay is available worldwide.
  • There are no additional fees associated to CCBill Pay.
  • CCBill Pay works only with English language FlexForms, and the supported payment methods are Credit/Debit cards and ACH Online Checks.
  • Consumers are not required to use CCBill Pay.

Testing CCBill Pay

Merchants can test the CCBill Pay option in Sandbox Mode. While previewing a FlexForm, you can interact with the environment. Log in to CCBill Pay in Preview Mode if you have previously created your own CCBill Pay account. Try to make a test transaction; you will need test credit card numbers.

Don't worry, all the transactions processed in Preview Mode are just a simulation. But you will receive a transaction approved/declined email, just like consumers normally would.

More information on CCBill Pay:

  1. Consumer FAQs - https://kb.ccbill.com/support/CCBill+Account+FAQs
  2. Merchant FAQs - https://kb.ccbill.com/CCBill+Pay+Merchant+FAQs
  3. Feature Summary Article for Merchants - https://kb.ccbill.com/CCBill+Pay+Account+Features