Regional Pricing Basic Mode

What is Basic Mode?

CCBill offers a quick and basic way to get started with Regional Pricing. CCBill 's Basic Mode is available in the Account Admin area. One thing that you need to remember, however, before you enable Regional Pricing, is that you can enable it on either the subaccount level or the main account level. Activating the feature on the main account level will trickle the settings to all of your subaccounts, while enabling it at a subaccount will apply the changes to only that subaccount. CCBill recommends that you use these settings for Regional Pricing, including the Opt-In.

The chart to the right of the Regional Pricing area will help you to understand how prices will be presented to your consumers when using the CCBill Recommended pricing. The chart always refers to the price point selected in the Price drop-down above the chart.
  • The Regions column shows you what currency region the relevant price structure will be displayed in, depending upon the country of origin where the consumer is physically located at the time the transaction is completed.
  • The Recommended Ratio column displays the ratio that CCBill recommends using when converting a price point from one currency to another based on the going rate of comparable goods in that region. For example, something that would typically cost 2.95 USD in America would also typically cost 2.95 EUR in Europe, so the ratio is 1:1; the same numeral for each region currency-wise. In the UK region, however, one might expect to pay 2.06 BPS for comparable goods, the ratio is 1:7.
  • The Final Price Point column shows the price that the consumer will be presented with on the order form in each pricing region for that price point.
  • The Additional Realized Revenue (USD) column shows you the difference (after conversion to USD) given by using the CCBill recommended price point. A positive number means that you are (or will be) making a profit by using the recommended pricing options. A negative number means that using the recommended pricing for that region will lose money.

Turn on Regional Pricing Using Basic Mode

Basic Mode is available on the Account Admin screen, about halfway down the page in the Regional Pricing box. Click the Opt-In to Authorize Regional Pricing Changes if you wish to accept [this and all future changes to the] CCBill Recommended Pricing.

Click Enable Regional Pricing.